Drainage & Rainwater management from Fränkische


With an agency like Fränkische, Mrain can import excellent products in the field of drains and rainwater management.

Fränkische has more than 100 years of experience.

Since 1906, Fränkische has developed pipes and system components made of plastic and metal. The company today has over 5,000 employees and is based in 19 different countries around the world.

Fränkische has various products within construction pipes and drains. Everything from general drainage rollers for EBA-approved RailPipe for highly loaded railways, e.g.

Rainwater management and surface cleaning of trafficked areas with the environment in focus

With their innovative approach and focus on high quality, Fränkische has also developed the SediPipe series, which can handle and clean large amounts of rain and surface water from various areas before it has to go back into nature.

Rigofill blocks make it possible to handle rainwater underground in connection with the establishment of roads, parking lots and other construction projects.

With an agency like Fränkische, we can import high-quality products in the field of drains and drainage as well as cleaning and retention systems that can handle the continuously increasing amount of rain we see in various places in the world, but with a focus on an environmentally friendly output.

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You can also read more about their work with the environment in their Sustainability report 2021/22

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