About MRain

MRain was founded in 2022, as a strategic spin-off from nyrup plast to grow in isolation through B2D (Business-to-Distributor) sales. In other words, the many agency products nyrup plast has had over several years must be sold through distributors, who buy the products from Mrain and then sell them to the end user.

Mrain is owned by Mørkenborg Holding ApS and ScanPipe Holding ApS.

Mørkenborg Holding has had Rasmus Mørkenborg at the helm since 2011. Rasmus himself knows both the organization and the various agencies well as he was the 3rd owner and 2nd generation in the ownership of nyrup plast.

ScanPipe Holding became a strategic partner in 2023. The holding company is headed by Mikael Lundgaard. Mikael has many years of experience within the VA industry and is the current director of nyrup plast.

Mrain is a specialist in rainwater solutions.

We expand our agency's products through good product advice and interaction between advisers, architects, municipalities, contractors and not least our dealers who sell the products on to the consumer either in the business or the private sector.

Focus on the environment and future generations

Mrain was founded with an eye on the environment and with the dream of being able to make it easier for the retailer to find quality products within:

  • Drain & Plumbing
  • Rainwater management & Surface cleaning
  • Rainwater system
  • GRP pipe
  • Fiberglass tanks
  • Oil and grease separators

These products can solve problems such as climate change, increased urbanization of larger cities, the construction of large parks and other construction areas, as well as an ever-pressured sewage system, which makes it difficult to see a future with clean drinking water and clean water for the next generations.

In short, as a dealer with products from Mrain's agencies, you can help offer solutions that can save on clean drinking water and ensure clean water for future generations.

Terms and conditions

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