Long-lasting fiberglass pipe systems from Budaplast

Budaplast is a leading company in the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes in Hungary. Since the 1970s, we have been dedicated to providing high quality products that have played a vital role in the construction and reconstruction of public piping systems.

Their production facility is located in Rózsaszentmárton and owned by Bonex Építőipari Kft. Budaplast produces a wide range of GRP products, including:

  • tube
  • fittings
  • thought
  • shafted
  • other types of products

The egg-shaped GRP pipe is a recognized solution

Budaplast's pipes are lightweight and have excellent mechanical properties as well as corrosion resistance, making them ideal for trenchless (NO-DIG) sewer reconstruction. This method enables rapid reconstruction with minimal disruption to continuous sewage discharge and traffic. In addition to this method, their various GRP pipes and fittings can also be used for traditional open pit technologies.

Budaplast is dedicated to providing reliable and durable solutions that meet their customers' needs in piping systems for both public and industrial applications.

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