Intelligent recycling of
rainwater with Wisy

Mrain is pleased to represent Wisy and their highly recommended eco-friendly products in the rainwater recycling market.

Since 1989, Wisy has specialized in recycling rainwater.

Wisy offers high-performance VA approved products for private and business customers who want to reuse the natural resource we get from the sky, namely rainwater for everything from toilet flushing to cooling industrial machines.

Drinking water must be secured for future generations

Wisy offers unique self-cleaning rainwater filters that make it possible to clean the rainwater from the roof. Intelligent rainwater management ensures that there is water even in dry periods, when we can look far for rainwater.

Wisy's products make it possible to use the softened rainwater so that you get rid of limescale and avoid having to invest in softeners or softening systems.

In short, with an agency like Wisy, we can import products that help reduce the costs of clean drinking water and at the same time help the environment.

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