Fiberglass tanks from VPI Kingspan

Mrain is pleased to represent products from a global company such as VPI Kingspan.

Water is and will become more and more of a scarce resource in the coming years.

VPI Kingspan has met this problem with an innovative portfolio that contains reliable solutions for:

Environmental fuel storage

Collective thought

Oil tank

Fat excretor

Oil separator

VPI Kingspan also custom builds glass fiber reinforced (GRP) tanks for individual projects. They produce e.g. custom-made rainwater tanks.


Fiberglass tanks for underground use

With an agency like VPI Kingspan, Mrain can import products that can solve the problem with water as a scarce resource. We can import various storage tanks, collective tanks and grease and oil separators.

Would you like to know more?

- Then you are welcome to contact us, see dealers or visit Kingspans Homepage

Brochures from VPI Kingspan

Tank and sludge separator

Grease and oil separator